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Errors raised during the OAuth 2.0 flow.

class AccessTokenNotFound(Exception):
    Error indicating that an access token could not be read from the
    storage backend by an instance of :class:``.

[docs]class AuthCodeNotFound(Exception): """ Error indicating that an authorization code could not be read from the storage backend by an instance of :class:``. """ pass
[docs]class ClientNotFoundError(Exception): """ Error raised by an implementation of :class:`` if a client does not exists. """ pass
[docs]class OAuthBaseError(Exception): """ Base class used by all OAuth 2.0 errors. :param error: Identifier of the error. :param error_uri: Set this to delivery an URL to your documentation that describes the error. (optional) :param explanation: Short message that describes the error. (optional) """ def __init__(self, error, error_uri=None, explanation=None): self.error = error self.error_uri = error_uri self.explanation = explanation super(OAuthBaseError, self).__init__()
[docs]class OAuthClientError(OAuthBaseError): """ Indicates an error during recognition of a client. """ pass
[docs]class OAuthUserError(OAuthBaseError): """ Indicates that the user denied authorization. """ pass
[docs]class OAuthInvalidError(OAuthBaseError): """ Indicates an error during validation of a request. """ pass
[docs]class UserNotAuthenticated(Exception): """ Raised by a :class:`oauth2.web.SiteAdapter` if a user could not be authenticated. """ pass
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